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Gilbert Global is an institutional investment firm that makes private equity and equity-related investments in both public and private companies around the world. Today, Gilbert Global has a capital base of US $1.2 billion. Our principal investors are Fortune 500 corporations, State and corporate pension funds, university endowments, insurance companies and financial institutions. Individual controlling or non-controlling direct investments are generally expected to range from $20 million to $150 million.

For over 22 years, we have been an investor throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. We seek attractive opportunities across global markets and industries.

Since 1984, Gilbert Global's principals have financed over 130 successful companies in 17 countries around the world. Our objective is long-term appreciation, through controlling ownership of a company or strategic minority positions. Portfolio companies span a wide range of industries, including telecommunications equipment and services, financial and business services, as well as traditional industrial and consumer-related businesses. While we do not require an operating role, we have traditionally worked closely with management teams to help supplement their companies' strategic and operational planning. We make our money just as our investors do, by the increased value over time of our portfolio companies.

Over time, we have built a portfolio of companies in various markets across a range of transaction types, including: (i) growth companies formed around outstanding management teams with unique products and/or services; (ii) privatizations of franchises; (iii) strategic alliances with entities that can be used as acquisition and/or consolidation vehicles; (iv) established businesses that produce high levels of cash flow to repay acquisition indebtedness; and (v) operational turnarounds of distressed, underperforming companies with overleveraged capital structures.

Management is our partner in creating value. Our portfolio company managers have not only their careers, but also a significant amount of their net worth, invested in their companies. We want our portfolio company managers to think like us... like owners.

Gilbert Global Equity Partners was formed in 1997 upon the investment team's departure from Soros Capital L.P., the principal private equity vehicle of the Quantum Group of Funds. Prior to founding Gilbert Global, Steven Gilbert founded and served as managing general partner of Soros Capital and Chemical Venture Partners (now JPMorgan Partners).

In managing our investments, Gilbert Global benefits from the resources of the Frank Russell Company and The Capital Group Companies, Inc., two of the most respected global investment management organizations in the world.